Welcome to our website! I realise that most of you are thinking that this is a little tragic – but if you have a look around you will soon realise that it’s actually quite useful!


There’s a section for our blog, where we get the opportunity to waffle on about what we’ve been up to, to try and make you jealous with tales of shopping, skiing and sailing (depending on the season!). This is in attempt to keep you up to date with our news, and to save us getting RSI by typing the same news into lots of emails over and over!


There’s also a section with a calendar, which we will keep up to date, so that you can see when we are free for planning your trips to visit! Just check to see if the time you want is free and then drop me an email and I’ll reserve for you! Obviously we are hoping to be fully booked – so get your requests in nice and early.


There is a photo gallery for your viewing pleasure, so please enjoying laughing at us in a range of comedy poses/locations, and look out if you come to stay as you could be appearing here too!


That’s all for now, but we have plans for the future, including a recipe section where I will be on a mission to find the best American recipes for some cook-a-long fun and if there is anything else you want to see let us know!


H & D xxxx